About Us

About Us

Kids Bible TV is a Charity based Christian Television Network centred on kids with Animation Cartoons derived from Bible stories, setting out to motivate, educate and evangelize Children globally.
It was borne out for the need to provide children with a platform to learn about the Christian Bible and teach good morals in a way they can relate with.

Kids Bible TV entails streaming animated Bible stories on various platforms to teach kids to love one another and good morals that will positively impact their societies.

How it all Began

Coming home one evening from work, I was welcomed home by my then Eight years old daughter - Paris. She had been watching cartoon shows on TV ever since she got back from school. So I suggested she tune into a Christian TV Channel. That was when she asked me this question - "Dad why is there no Christian Cartoon Channel on TV for kids that we can relate with?" I gave this a hard thought and knew inside my heart that I have to find a way to make this happen. This has become my mission and purpose. - Atama Oteze (Founder/Director)

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